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Attachment Styles in Relationship - by: Anthony Santen

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This book is a practical guide for anyone who wants to improve their intimate relationships, even if you're not familiar with mental health terms.

We start with the basics, looking at attachment styles from the ideas of John Bowlby and Mary Ainsworth. Don't worry if these names are new – the book explains everything in straightforward language. Whether you're securely attached, worry a lot about relationships, or tend to avoid closeness, this book helps you understand how you and your partner might interact.

The core of the book is all about how different attachment styles work together. It's like a cheat sheet for couples, helping you see what's strong in your relationship and where you might face challenges. But this isn't just theory – there are practical tips for improving how you communicate, share emotions, and handle disagreements, no matter where you are in your relationship.

We also dig into why we act the way we do in relationships. Ever wonder why men and women sometimes seem to approach love differently? The book connects attachment styles to evolutionary instincts, giving you a bigger picture of why you and your partner might see things in your unique ways.

Answer Anxiety - by: Anthony Santen

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When you’re ready for real and practical solutions to the overwhelming anxiety you face daily, this book is for you. Most anxiety can be managed using everyday tools and practical resource management without medication or psychotherapy.

Anxiety affects many aspects of daily life and mental health. For example, it can result in low self-esteem, depression, relationship problems, decreased motivation and work performance. Anxiety can even undermine our immune systems and seriously impact our sense of wellness.

This book addresses how our battle with overwhelm can be managed by understanding the logical relationship between inputs and resources. The ultimate remedy lies in discovering your most valuable resource, you, leading to deliberate engagement and increased resilience.

In everyday language, Anthony provides easy-to-use tools that can be integrated into the busiest lives. Beyond the temporary relief promised by mantras, physical exercise, meditation, and supplements, this book leads you directly toward solving your relationship with anxiety by identifying the likely culprits and encouraging you toward realistic, practical, and permanent solutions.

Anthony has decades of clinical experience in individual counselling, couples counselling and life coaching. His approach is rooted firmly in Evolutionary Psychology. The award-winning author provides a wealth of knowledge from thousands of clinical hours with clients facing their daily anxiety challenges. 

Answer Anxiety - by: Anthony Santen

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The Path Within lifts the veil to discover the most fundamental forces that make us human. Break free from the internal narrative and constraining beliefs that hold you back.

Discover on your terms what you genuinely want while finding the meaning of happiness, harmony and rewarding relationships. Unfortunately, in the confusing maze of self-help books, it seems nearly impossible to separate fact from fiction – myth and faith from science and logic.

This book was written for those ready to go beyond convoluted explanations and delve into the fundamentals of how we truly interact with the experiences we create with others and the universe around us without needing to resort to hidden meanings or belief-based systems. Instead, let’s change how we interact with the mind's intrinsic forces that impact our lives.

Through articulate awareness, we discover and change the deep-rooted programming that has interfered with our core beliefs to alleviate the discomforts created by the belief systems that bias our thoughts, feelings and behaviours. Through examples and practical exercises, The Path Within guides us to our insights and answers, clearing a path to break free from the conditioned patterns that have impaired our personal development.

When we thrive in harmonious collaboration with the world we live in as authentic, autonomous beings, we can find our own meaning, happiness and purpose. Therefore, I invite you to explore personal and spiritual growth beyond therapy and metaphysics. Discover how you are the most essential and influential participant in creating your Universe.  

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