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The Path Within® Program provides a modular and comprehensive method to explore and discover your life's path. It's much more than Life Coaching.

The Path Within® Program helps you discover how you interact and communicate with your environment, relationships, and, most importantly yourself. This program uniquely differs from other Personal Development Programs because it deals with much more in-depth topics - specifically adapted to your situation.

"You are amazingly good at this. You are so deeply passionate about it and it shows.....and I could feel that from the first day. And so I need to just thank you. It's making a really big difference for me"

Erin E.

As you grow through this program, you discover yourself and your strengths. You develop the tools and strategies to be an Authentic Autonomous Being, to love and respect yourself and others you care for. Your interactions and communications create clarity and peace rather than confusion and conflict.

Your apprehensive and even angry responses to intrusions from your environment, or even your relationships, will be better understood with your ability to change how you choose to interact in ways that foster peace and harmony.

"Through your genuine concern, skills and unique therapeutic approach to personal development, you have given me the skills and understanding to achieve a future of my own choice and creation"

Rochelle F.

I have coached people through various stages of their lives, from people with depression and anxiety, burn-out, stress, lethargy, relationship problems, lack of vitality, energy issues, lack of purpose, feeling disconnected, lonely, and many more.

Most people first try various forms of escape, such as sports, sex, alcohol, and other behaviours which may distract (that seem benign), such as shopping, TV, Internet, social clubs, etc. But while these escapes provide temporary relief, many people don't find the purpose and fulfillment in their lives that they're searching for.

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