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For people wanting to work on their relationship but whose partner isn't ready to do counselling, I recommend doing the Self-paced Program if you want to learn to be an effective partner. You’ll also learn how to influence your partner through your approach and behaviour.

Based on end-of-program surveys conducted with my clients during the last five years: 92% of students with the learning intent: “I want to improve how I relate with my intimate partner” and who have been in a relationship for five years or longer answered the question “This program positively impacted our relationship: Strongly Agree – Agree – Neutral - Disagree - Strongly Disagree” with “Agree” or “Strongly Agree”

- I focus on how you have a successful relationship moving forward. We spend little time blaming others for past behaviours.
- My process is based on changing attitude and approach, not behavioural training. Change in attitude and approach will change the resulting behaviours to become self-reliant.
- Other types of therapy may work temporarily but, unless repeated often, are less permanent and don’t directly aim at repairing the underlying issues.
- I do not approach you as wrong or intentionally malicious but as well-meaning individuals who got stuck or lost trying to get it right. I hold my client accountable for their own progress.  

- This program is created for people looking to transform their - previously unsuccessful approach to relationships - into a thriving, loving and intimate connection using a no-nonsense approach.
- This program is created for people who are deliberate in their approach and want real results in the shortest time. (12-16 weeks is typical)
- If you’re ready to stop wasting time and energy on clumsy interactions that lead to relationship breakdown.
- For people who want to learn straightforward, effective ways to make their partners feel intimately loved. And get the love they need to be themselves in their relationship.
- For people who are done walking on eggshells, hoping for a better tomorrow.
- For people ready to deliberately acquire the skills, knowledge and approach required to take their relationship to a deeply fulfilling, mature and intimate relationship. Permanently solve anger, resentment, trust and forgiveness, not only for their intimate relationships but all their relationships. 

- This approach is not designed for people who need their counsellor to be a parental replacement or a “space” to vent their grievances and how unfair life has been to them.
- If you are currently being managed by medication such as anti-psychotics such as Aripiprazole, Quetiapine, Risperidone, Olanzapine or Clozapine, or rely on the daily use of Cannabis or Alcohol for your well-being.
- If you feel fragile or need face-to-face psychotherapy, my no-nonsense approach is not for you.
- If you consider yourself a victim of others or think you don’t need to learn or change and that OTHERS need to change to accommodate your life… my approach is not for you.
- Also, when you don’t like to work for deliberate progress or intentional change, please don’t bother.
- If you can’t make the time - to take care of your life and future.
- If you feel YOU have done enough and it’s time for your PARTNER to change, you’re at the wrong address.
- Also, if you’re not interested in long-term relationships and are just looking for a quick way to “get what you want” from your dating efforts, please don’t waste your time… this webinar is for people interested in a long-term, successful relationship. 

- If you believe the affair is the reason for your relationship trouble, please do not continue; this program wasn’t designed for you.
- You're on the right track if you believe your unresolved relationship issues left room for the affair. And so, when you create a relationship that works, there’s no room for affairs.
- The Self-paced Program is designed to prevent future affairs, and the Hybrid program includes a component dealing realistically with the past affair. 

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