Individual Counselling (Assessment / 1st hour)
Individual Counseling (Follow Up Sessions)
Couples Counselling (Assessment)
Couples Counselling (Follow Up Sessions)
Private Relationship Recovery Program for Couples*
- Average 14-16 Sessions
- Intensive 90-120min Sessions (weekly)
- Incl. Program Material Package
- Please see the Testimonials page for client results
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* Relationship Recovery Program for Couples
Complete a private, in-person (over Zoom) Free Relationship Recovery Assessment to evaluate and understand your options for creating a deeply fulfilling, mature, intimate relationship.
- Discounted, Capped, and Package Pricing is available with Free Assessment only.
- In most cases, I can offer you a firm quote during the assessment that includes: outcome, timeframe, and Capped Price Guarantee.
- Infidelity, Parenting, and Libido can be included in packages.


Please note that some Extended Health Insurance plans cover "Counseling" in their "Health Spending Account" or HSA. However, my services are NOT covered under your regular insurance plans. Please get in touch with your insurance company to enquire about their prerequisites.

Payments: Credit Card - Interac - E-transfer

How Many Counseling Sessions?

I am often asked how many sessions it takes. The official answer is: "That depends on many factors." While this is the correct answer, most clients' average is 3-4 months of weekly counselling sessions. The average for couples counselling (without individual issues) is four months. For sexual infidelity counselling or extramarital affairs, the average is 4-6 months of weekly sessions. This may provide you with the information you need to budget a realistic cost of counselling. In many cases, I am able to provide a capped or package price for couples (after the above-noted assessment)

* Sliding Scale

(See Calculator Below*)
A sliding scale is provided for individuals and couples in current financial hardship based on family income, considering the combined family income, rent or mortgage payments, and the number of dependent children.
Please provide Line 150 of your notice of assessment, your last two paychecks (and your partner's) to be eligible for sliding scale timeslots.
INSURANCE RECEIPTS are unavailable for sliding scale clients - insurance reimbursement doesn't affect your ability to afford your sessions. However, you may be eligible for a sliding scale again when you've reached your limits and no longer require insurance receipts. 

First Session

*The first session is a discovery session. In the first session, we cover relevant topics and methods pertaining to your situation. This allows us to get acquainted with each other to ensure it's a good match for this work. ONE FIRST consultation per person.
No-Show and Cancelled sessions are subject to the cancellation policy available via this link.

Full informed consent is available via this link.

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