Marriage Counselling Toronto

Are you ready to transform your relationship into a rewarding partnership?

Are you struggling to get back what you put in to your marriage? Is the bliss becoming a chore? Do you know what your partner needs? Does your partner know what you need from the relationship? Have you considered divorce? Are you considering cheating your marriage?

Marriage counselling may be the process you need to create a new, functioning marriage for you both. But not all marriage counsellors use the same approach. You need to find the type of counselling that gets you where you want to go. And so, you landed on this page.

Do you know what you want from your relationship? Are you ready to find your best relationship - with this partner? What if it requires some relationship work - and what if it is a worthwhile investment into your relationship?

Instead of marriage therapy that ends up in complaining about each-other, wouldn't you rather learn how to create a working relationship where both partners communicate openly and feel accepted and respected? 

"After 10 years, my marriage is a sanctuary of peace for my heart, and I've never felt this level of intimacy with my wife - Thank you !!! Its better than I imagined when we got married!"

David (& Jenn) S.

When you come to work on your relationship with me, alone or with your partner, I keep you (both) focused on creating solutions that work for you both and are in harmony with how you want your relationship to evolve. I focus you on what you want - and how to get there, rather than waste your time on being a referee. This is a time-proven approach that brings people together and creates safe, loving, respectful partners in a new understanding of the other and the relationship. It helps you create a relationship where you can feel safe and validated; a place you can be yourself and be loved for who you are.

My goal is to create rapid change and keep you curious and motivated along the way, and comprehensive so you have the tools to continue your own work in the future, without needing to rely on a therapist over a long time.

In just a few sessions, you learn the key parts that help you turn your relationship around. This approach to marriage counselling helps you understand why you've been reacting the way you have and why your partner repeats the same behaviours, over and over. And how to make it work again, without feeling you need to fix yourself, just to be the way your partner wants you to be.  

Do you want a relationship that lets you feel safe and nurtured while supporting your growth and providing a home for your heart? Rediscover intimacy and trust in the marriage, the joy and emotional safety and acceptance that comes from a healthy relationship.

One of my clients recently wrote: 

"Thank you Anthony for this and everything else. When my husband got home, a huge shift had occurred. There was an openness that has not been there ever before. Clearly nothing I have said or done has been able to make that happen. But you did it. I don't have words to express my gratitude to you for helping both of us" 

How Marriage Counselling Works

My approach is different than typical marriage counselling as we work together to create the marriage you want without spending too much time discussing who was wrong (in the past), settling arguments, etc.

Together, you discover the true differences in approach between the masculine and feminine in the marriage, discovering and meeting each other's needs, how to rekindle a loving sexual intimacy, communicating effectively, rediscovering trust, overcoming hurt, etc.

Cost of marriage counselling in Toronto: Your whole first session is discounted by 50% and without obligation.

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