Relationship Breakup Prevention

  • Are you contemplating legal separation or a trial separation?
  • Does your spouse want a divorce?
  • Has your relationship reached the breaking point or you are already separated?
  • Are you feeling disrespected, mistrustful or dealing with sexual infidelity?
  • Do you suffer from lack of intimacy or sexual desire?
  • Are you doing everything to make your partner happy, but your needs are ignored?

Dialectic Relationship Counselling is the tool to create a relationship that is long-lasting and mutually fulfilling! This tool is based on empirical data from experts such as Harville Hendrix, David Deida, Cloe Madanes and Carl Jung.

What would you do, to save your marriage and find a deep connection? To find a more mature, more intimate relationship, full of caring and sharing. To feel accepted for who you are to your deepest core?

Breakup Prevention has saved countless families from the harm and permanent aftermath that a divorce could inflict on your life. Even after an extramarital affair!

"My wife and I have never been closer. We have found a love, trust and connection now, we haven't felt in our 22 years of marriage; even after dealing with the infidelity."

Rod M.

I have worked with couples in various situations and stages of their relationship. Many of whom believed their relationship was beyond repair. Please also read the marriage counselling page.

Most cases resolved into amazing relationships; better than before and with love and understanding for each other, sharing, caring and amazing communication.

"When my husband got home, a huge shift had occurred. There was an openness that has not been there ever before. Clearly nothing I have said or done has been able to make that happen. But you did it. I don't have words to express my gratitude to you for helping both of us"

Mary M.

Breakup Prevention and Relationship Transformation is amazing work! Often, all it takes is for one person wanting a better relationship. In some cases, I don't even see your partner.

What would you do to create an ultimate relationship with the partner you're currently married to ? What if you could rekindle real, deep connection and a loving partnership that meets both your needs? Working with your current partner has many advantages over starting anew.

How Marriage Counselling Combines with Breakup Prevention

We work together to create the relationship you want. My approach is different than typical marriage counselling as we don't spend much time discussing who was wrong, settling arguments etc.

Together you discover the differences in masculine and feminine brains, discovering and meeting each other's needs, how to rekindle a loving sex life, communicating effectively, rediscovering trust, etc.

This process is in five main modules and has been extremely effective for couples who are now back on track in their relationships, better than before!

You're in a situation that has two possible endings, which direction will you work towards?

Anthony Santen SAC Dip(Adv. Psychotherapy) Counselling in Toronto

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