Transformational Hypnotherapy using Narrative Hypnosis

Milton Erickson has long been considered the forerunner of transformational hypnotherapy. His work has inspired a methodology that seems so simple, yet creates lasting change over time with very little effort by the client. The changes happen in the background, as you listen to stories and speak in frank terms about your problems.

Ericksonian Hypnotherapy happens without the conscious effort of the client.

Combining Strategic Intervention with Ericksonian Hypnotherapy techniques has allowed me to help my clients shift their approach to life in ways and at a pace, which was hereto considered impossible.

It feels like a healthy banter, with question and answer in every session, to discover your own answers and connect with a deeper meaning of life itself, the Law of Attraction, Manifestation and true Transformational Awareness - real answers that resonate in your life.

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