Life Coaching
Existential Coaching

Do you find yourself procrastinating?
Do you have trouble finishing projects?
Do you need to find your MoJo / Motivation / Reason?
Are you trying to find the meaning of life; the reason for being?
Does it all seem so meaningless, yet you still participate?
Are you looking for Happiness? Or Fulfillment and growth? (or Both?)

Finding your WHY
The reasons we take any action is either desire or pain. The driving force that fuel our actions, may be both positive or negative and may include fear, curiosity, vanity, benevolence, greed, lust, pride, or even laziness (which is another word for efficiency).

Finding YOUR WHY is, therefore, the simplest solution to the problem.
The stronger your desire, or pain, the greater your motivation becomes.

Staying Motivated
The combination of conversational hypnosis (Ericksonian-style Interviewing) with Life Coaching is uniquely suited to help people connect, re-connect and stay focused on their goals. The ability to re-focus on the medium and long term outcomes is essential to accomplishing tasks and staying motivated on a daily basis.

Let me show you how you can create lasting change and disciplines that pay off in the long run

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