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Anthony Santen

S.A.C. Dip. (Adv. Psychotherapy) MCH CLC NLP

Before you decide to see a Registered Psychotherapist, a Life Coach, Social Worker or Counsellor you may want to ask yourself the following questions:

Controlled Act of Psychotherapy

Counselling Psychotherapy

Are you suffering from a serious disorder of thought, cognition, mood, emotional regulation, perception or memory

You struggle with situations that affect your outlook, motivation, meaning, happiness and stress

Are you seriously impaired in judgment, insight, behavior, communication or social functioning?

You want to increase your self-esteem, self-awareness? Are you struggling with love, unhappiness and frustrations?

Do you want your behaviors corrected (to better fit 'socially acceptable' norms)

You are ready to be your best, as a unique individual by changing your approach or outlook?

Are you abusive to yourself or to others?

You want to improve your relationships?
- With yourself
- With others

Do you want to focus on your past to understand who or what caused you to be more vulnerable than others and why you have the right to be treated with extra care?

Do you want to break free from your past to move forward and embrace your future?

Are you aspiring to be 'more normal'?
- Deal with abnormal feeling
- Deal with abnormal behaviors

Do you want to learn to be yourself?
- Understand and deal with feelings
- Relate better with the world around you
- Solve the mysteries of relationship

Do you feel victimized by the world around you and complain about the world we live in and how you want the world to be more fair?

You want to learn how to love and accept each moment and remain effective, even through adversity?

Psychiatrist or Medical Doctor


Are you looking for prescription drugs?


Could you be harmful to yourself or others?  

Psychologist or Psychiatrist


Are you looking for a medial diagnosis?


Do you suspect a mental illness?


While a psychotherapeutic approach may be the right answer for mentally ill people, the use of psychotherapy instead of Coaching and Transformational Therapies is often unnecessarily costly - even when partially reimbursed by extended health benefits!

The truth is that MOST PEOPLE ARE NOT MENTALLY ILL. Most people struggle with typical problems which make them unhappy, discontent or upset within the context of their circumstances and they simply lack the deeper understanding, knowledge or skills to manage these day-to-day challenges.