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In theory, love would be a mix of wonderful acceptance, deeply rewarding collaboration and intimate sharing.

Instead we can experience so much conflict, blame, coercion and hurt in our relationships.
(And lack the love, support, collaboration and kindness you were hoping for)

Through deliberately focused approach, there is a rapid and intentional process to return our relationship back to love.

Anthony Santen

Over the course of 25+ years of experience, I have developed a fresh, highly effective and results-oriented approach to relationship counselling. This approach to relationship counselling is specifically designed to return relationships to effective collaboration, intimate togetherness and deeply accepting, trusting love. My approach stays focused on the shortest route to the deepest and most rewarding connection possible between two people.

Couples have told me they have no time for endless sessions that look for fault and rehash the blame and for them the best relationship counselling is short and effective. They are looking for relationship therapy that clarifies and prioritizes the core issues. Couples want a focused approach that directly and deliberately transforms the core issues in the relationship, without interfering in the personalities and expressions of the individuals. 

With my approach, we spend very little time assigning blame, as a result of individual childhood issues, mother/father issues, etc. We deliberately look at becoming more skilled and knowledgeable about our future relationship. Creating a more effective relationship moving forward. Aiming to create a deeply intimate, safe, emotional connection that can be filled with love and blissful surrender.

Troubled partners seem to be in conflict, in a desperate attempt to cause (leverage/coerce) their partners into giving them what they need from the relationship. They want to love, and be loved in return, but something isn't working and they are unable to understand how to get what they need. 

Are you ready to accept expert assistance? Are you willing to contribute to the success of your relationship, even if this means changing some aspect of your own approach, if necessary?

The original (old) approach to relationship counseling has been aimed at creating compromise; an arrangement. While this may seem practical, this approach has its roots in the 1950's (Virginia Satir) and is now mostly irrelevant and outdated.

So much has changed since then - and not just two income families, the birth control pill, feminism, etc. From cell-phone communication, parenting approaches, life-span, internet etc. all influence the way we approach relationship.  Romantic examples that originated from the 50's, 60's and 70's are simply no longer applicable (and sometimes even considered quite inappropriate).

There is a better way.
The secret is in the approach; the way we look at relationship. And this approach works! In fact, it helps couples create the intimately loving relationship they want. This approach to couples counselling takes less time for the couple and relationship therapy that's highly effective over the long term. see things we were not able to see on our own... and with only few sessions changed drastically the direction our relationship was headed.
Thank you. You are the best thing that ever happened to us.

Tilila I.

Loving Relationship

The rewards of a loving relationships are too numerous to mention. Immune system and longevity aside, it's the peace that we want. The feeling that we can truly feel accepted for who we are - in a peaceful home, filled with nurture, joy, sense of belonging, support and acceptance; a space where we can discover ourselves while being loved "just the way we are".

Let's do relationship better.
Let's create a healthier, collaborative and fulfilling relationship.
And let's start today

"Everything else seems secondary when your relationship isn't working"

Laura (&Brian) H.

Relationship counselling is meant to be the process that transforms relationships to spiritually fulfilling, blissful partnerships for both partners. Unfortunately, couples begin to look for relationship counselling once they're struggling; after the relationship is in trouble, when they realize that their own efforts seemed to no avail.

While deep down you want to get back to the relationship you envisioned for yourself, resentment, intolerance and anger have taken their toll on romance and intimacy in marriage that contribute to that deep sense of belonging and acceptance, or even a sexless relationship. Now your relationship is filled with disagreements, escalation and unfulfilled needs. Communication has broken down and it looks as if the relationship is spiraling out of control.

"Thank you so much for today.
You helped us turn a total crisis around in under 2hrs."

Laura C.


As you might imagine, not all relationship counsellors use the same approach. Some focus on creating understanding and compromise, others treat the relationship as two individuals who need a referee to tell them who's right and who's wrong or what's acceptable or unacceptable behaviour in a relationship.

My approach is to empower both partners. To explore deep-rooted healing of the factors that plague a relationship. Without this fundamental shift in approach, solving the core issues in the relationship becomes an impossible task. Once these core issues are solved, finding ways to empower the partner is easy and rewarding, giving them the motivation and resources to focus on your needs.

Do you know what you want from your relationship? Are you ready to discover your best relationship yet - with your current partner? What if it requires some relationship work - and what if it is a worthwhile investment into your relationship (and ultimately yourself)?

Instead of relationship therapy that ends up in complaining about each-other, wouldn't you rather learn how to create a working relationship where both partners communicate openly and feel accepted and respected?  

"After 10 years, my marriage is a sanctuary of peace for my heart, and I've never felt this level of intimacy with my wife - Thank you !!! Its better than I imagined when we got married!"

David (& Jenn) S.

When you come to work on your relationship with me, I keep you (both) focused on creating solutions that work in harmony with how you want your relationship to evolve. I focus you on what you ultimately want - and how to get there. Rather than waste your time on being a referee in a competitive relationship, I bring you into a rewarding, mature and intimate relationship that empowers you with the skills and tools to co-create a lifetime of intimacy, fulfillment and growth. I provide a time-proven approach that brings people together and creates safe, loving, respectful partners in a new understanding of the other and the relationship. It helps you create a relationship where you can feel safe and validated; a place you can be yourself and be loved for who you are.

My goal is to create rapid, comprehensive change and keep you curious and motivated along the way. My mission is to empower you with the skills and tools to work on your own relationship, well into the future; after you've completed your sessions. Typically, in less than 6 months, we right the ship and confidently set a course for a relationship you want to be part of, without needing to rely on further sessions over an extended period of time.

In just a few sessions, you learn the key parts that help you turn your relationship around. Then we create a space where we can explore why you've been reacting the way you have and why you and your partner repeats the same behaviours, over and over. Our aim is to create a space were you can discover who you are, without being subject to your partner's judgment or correction; a space where you can feel accepted for who you are.

Do you want a relationship that lets you feel safe and nurtured while supporting your growth and providing a home for your heart? Rediscover intimacy and trust in the relationship, the joy, emotional safety and acceptance that comes from a healthy relationship.

My approach is different than typical relationship counselling as we work together to create the relationship you both want without spending too much time discussing who was wrong (in the past), settling arguments, etc.

Together, you discover the true differences in approach between the masculine and feminine in the marriage, discovering and meeting each other's needs, how to rekindle a loving sexual intimacy, communicating effectively, rediscovering trust, overcoming hurt, etc.

Cost of Online Relationship Counselling for Couples:
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