If There Were A Way To Learn How To Deliberately And Skillfully Create A Relationship Where You Feel Love, Connection, Kindness, Safety, Understanding, Validation And Trust.

Would You ?

Self-Paced Material Package

For the Relationship Recovery Program for Couples

How we learned love?
Were we loved enough?
We want unconditional love, but why is it so so hard to get?

The difference between in-love, conditional love and true-love?

Navigating relationship stages
Moving up to ultimate love

What type of relationship model works best for you?
How to navigate differences (and win every argument)

Why we need relationship
The ultimate conundrum of self-love
Why we choose a challenging partner

Male and Female
Masculine and Feminine
The biological basis for your partner's compelling needs

Navigating the relationship power modes in your relationship

Are you ready for the ultimate relationship?
Mindset and Approach

What we thought we knew, but was never true

Next Relationship Level
What's in store for you

What to expect in an ultimate relationship
Why ultimate relationship makes the work worthwhile
Holistic remedy - almost divine

Identifying The Indicators of Success
The Storm and the Oak
Acts of Superiority
Acts of Love
Who's relationship is it anyway?
Discovering wholeness and self-love

The backbone of an ultimate Relationship

Learning and integrating their needs
Teaching your spouse what you need from them

A solid foundation
External influences
Boundaries and Containers

Why we lie
How much truth is enough?
Strange trust

One of the most rewarding and empowering acts of self-love you can learn. (And free yourself)

Remaining sovereign
Influencing and being influenced
Getting on the same page
Honoring the other

A couples exercise
Uncover hidden assumptions and beliefs
What you know is right or wrong?

A practical twist on the Human Needs Model
You alone can change your relationship

Keeping desire in the relationship
Navigating uneven libido
Setting Masters & Johnson right

This is a complete 10 module Anger Program
A direct and practical model to deal with Anger once and for all.
The mysteries of the underlying psychology are uncovered.
Anger in Relationship
De-escalating Anger
When Anger hides Anxiety



Self-Paced Material Package

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